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Zinq Technologies ZQ-1100 Spill-Resistant Wired Keyboard and Mouse

There are times when typing on a laptop keyboard becomes a hassle and you are left with no option but to take support from the online keyboard. Moreover, if you are typing Hindi on an online keyboard, the duration of writing something in Hindi will take you longer than you expected. In order to prevent such unforeseen situations, it is always good to keep a keyboard and mouse combo set as a backup which works as both English as well as Hindi typing keyboard. If you are looking for a good keyboard and mouse combo, this Wired Keyboard and Mouse is the right choice. This keyboard and mouse combo which comes with USB plug and play feature which ensure seamless connectivity with all computers. It can be easily connected through its USB wire connection without any requirement to run an installation setup process. Let’s have a detailed view of this keyboard and mouse combo.

The wired keyboard and mouse are both durable and high quality products. Both products come in black colour and have been given a minimalistic finished design which suits well to all types of surroundings.

This user-friendly wired keyboard has a spill resistant design which shields the keyboard from accident liquid spill offs on its surface thus preventing any kind of major damage to its functionality. The keys of this beautifully finished keyboard have quiet-type key technology in which the keys stay raised from the base, thus ensuring a silent and comfortable typing operation. The quite-type key technology will also ensure that you can completely focus on typing rather than taking care that you are not disturbing someone with the tapping noise of the keyboard keys. The wired keyboard comes in full size and has 104 keys which comprises of alphabetic keys, function keys. The keys of the keyboard also have an extraordinary button life of over 10 million taps.

The wired mouse is light weight in nature and has a compact design with an excellent grip. This wired optical mouse has three buttons with a smooth scroll wheel. It has a superb optical tracking system technology which works on almost all the surfaces. Moreover, the amazing scroll of this optical tracking technology of this mouse ensures agile and responsive control over the cursor. Whether you have to select a text or draw a sketch, you will do it in one go. This mouse comes with an amazing switch life of 5 million cycles.

The wired keyboard and mouse are compatible with operating systems such as Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, macOS and many more. Both the keyboard and the mouse have been designed keeping the end user in mind. They have been built sturdily which allows them to function perfectly during long duration usage. Overall, the most amazing thing which is worth taking note is the keyboard and mouse price. A mouse and a keyboard loaded with all these features available at an affordable price is a no-brainer deal.

To sum it all, Zinq Technologies ZQ-1100 spill-resistant wired keyboard and mouse combo is a smart and affordable product. This is the best keyboard and mouse combo. You can easily buy this wireless keyboard and mouse combo online.


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