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5 amazing reasons to have the ZinQ Gaming Mouse under your palm in 2021

Gaming is all about the comfort you inhibit during the experience. Not only should the game itself be immersive, but your gears matter too. One such important gear is the mouse. Now, gaming with an ordinary mouse is not even half the fun rather chastising your hand from the joy of exploring the virtual world. You need a gaming mouse for the comfort – make that your Right-Hand Rule, otherwise, imagine running for an ice-pack post a daily grind of gaming. Worse, imagine being diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel syndrome in your wrist, which you get after being pressurised on your median nerve that causes stinging pain and numbness.


Okay, Okay, not to give you nightmares or anything, but a gaming mouse is a necessity even if you’re not a gamer.

The question now is how to select a gaming mouse that complements your style and well-being. A regular mouse lacks the features and convenience that a gaming mouse is packaged with. From software optimisation to custom tweaking, there are so many things that you can do with the latter. Even the appearance is better. But I’ll come to that. Here we’ll be discussing a unique type of gaming mouse that isn’t just a cool gadget but is economically feasible. The ZQGM 1070 is an avant-garde gaming mouse that makes it a worthy merchandise for your laptop or PC. 

Below are 5 reasons that make it an amiable choice among gaming mice.

Pushing all the right buttons

Regular mice have the left-click and right-click buttons and the scroll wheel. The ZQGM 1070 has 6 customisable buttons that make it easier for you to carry out actions.


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Since it has a software that governs it, with your PC/laptop, you can customise which button can function as per your choice. There are 4 buttons on the top along with the wheel and two on the left-hand side which have default functions that you can alter as per your satisfaction.

DPI Dependency

By now you might’ve heard the abbreviation which extends to Dots Per Inch. This determines the sensitivity of the mouse, i.e., the higher the DPI, the faster the pointer speed. But higher the speed isn’t always a boon. That’s why the ZQGM comes adjustable DPI settings which you can set according to your requirement. The gaming mouse has quite an impressive range of DPI (1200-3200).

Stunning Graphics

There is a reason why the old adage, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is old; it’ll be a sham to have a gaming mouse with a barrage of features and a bland look. The ZQGM 1070 possess such a dapper appearance that you simply cannot take your eyes away. The rugged body with its colours, rubber coating and the matte finish makes it a gadget that should be on your table.

Breathing Colours

Of course, you want your mouse to look rad and colours do make it look lit (both literally and metaphorically). But the ZQGM don’t change like disco lights, it has a breathable effect that gives it a lovely effect especially when you’re using it in the dark, the constant change of colours makes it so alluring to behold even when kept idly. With the gaming mouse, you don’t get 2,3 or 4 but 7 colours. An amazing technicolour Rainbow! ????

Worth every penny

Now that you know there are so many features in the ZQGM 1070, it could be a bit heavy on your wallet. Well, the good news is it comes at a very economical price that you’ll be surprised to hear. This is the best gaming mouses under ₹500 that you’ll find.

If you’re looking for the best wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming combo, then the ZQGM 1070 should be on your bucket list. Even if you’re not gaming, it’ll be a compatible gadget for your daily use. Order yours from Amazon and let us know about your experience (maybe your high-scores too, lol)

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